Friday, March 13, 2009

Rosemary. Also, a wheelchair.

Rosemary is one thing that I really appreciate about Portland- it grows everywhere, and on a large scale. Granted- the only city I've ever lived in is Portland, so maybe my amazement is unfounded.

Two residences ago, about a month after I had moved in, I was sitting at the kitchen table, which overlooked the backyard. Noticing a huge green shrub, I said to my self, 'it can't be...' but it was- a rosemary bush the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. At my most previous residence, there was a large rosemary bush growing into the sidewalk about a block from my house. I frequented it regularly.

When I moved to NW, I wasn't necessarily worried that I would be without a supply of rosemary in close proximity- but just to be sure, I did some neighborhood wandering and actually took notes of where the rosemary was. The closest one I thought was a whole block and a half away- which I trekked to regularly. That was until recently, when I found a sizable shrub growing beside the curb where I sometimes park my car (points for being observant). That being said, I'm happy as a clam with a consistent supply of rosemary not half a block away!

I ran out to get some rosemary for some tasty lentils earlier this week. It was then that I encountered this:

My first thought was, 'how sad, someone died and they had to get rid of his wheelchair.' My second thought was, 'I wish I had someplace to put this wheelchair.' Alas, my days of bringing free curb-side things home have lessened a great deal now that I find it necessary to ask myself, 'where would I put this?' but also by the fact that I cohabitate with another person who is picky about what I choose to bring home. So instead, I just took a photo.

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