Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Place mats.

When I bought my sewing machine, I was under the impression I would be sewing clothes. This has not been the case. For my second project (post baby quilt) I decided our bare table needed a little color and a domestic touch. Hence, I created place mats. I did something very uncharacteristic which was to not use a pattern. I'm a stickler for following directions. Shooting from the hip isn't my style, and things can (and usually do) get real messy real quick-like.

I'd say they turned out good. It's not the phenomenal image of perfection I had in my head, but I'm very pleased with them. They have the desired effect, bringing color and warmth to an otherwise cold and early breakfast on weekday mornings.

I used fat quarters that were given to me by Nic from Bolt. There's still left overs and I'm feeling an oven mitt in the works. I've even got a pattern for this one.

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