Monday, March 23, 2009

Babies Everywhere!

We (the occupants of apartment 213) got out of town this weekend. Not even bothering to clean out the fridge before we left, we made it to the 'Grove by 8pm on Friday. That's when we got to meet Randi and Eric's new family member- Mr. Beck Otis Reichmuth.
Here he is in his space-age car seat/carrier (it even has a roll-bar! Something of a necessity if you're planning on transporting your baby in/on some sort of bicycle trailer).

Things Beck likes:
Soothing noises (sometimes)

Things Beck dislikes:
Being Hungry
Not eating
Dirty diapers

That's what I was able to gather this weekend. I'll know more once he starts talking.
While Randi was gestating, a friend of mine informed me that if I was to have any shot at being a godmother, I'd need to start my campaign early (Fran's family is Irish-catholic). I wasn't sure if the new parents were planning on washing away their baby's original sin, but I thought it couldn't hurt to present my platform. I sent a card that said something along the lines of

Dear Randi and Eric, If you choose to bestow the title of godmother on me I promise to be a good influence on your offspring, to knit your baby warm things and be a rad aunt-like figure. Yeah? Whaddya say? -Sarah

Here's me making good on at least one promise.
It took me a little over a week to knit the Owl Baby Vest by Caffeinated Yarn. It seems a little longer that the other photos I've seen of it... but that shouldn't be a problem if you've seen how long Baby Beck's torso is. He's definitely got some room to grow into it. I think he'll be the most handsome baby in Lane County.
The owls were a hoot to knit. For my second cabling project, it went quite flawlessly (this is only after I discover that the owls only go across the front and not all the way around... only a few obscenities were verbalized (more were internalized). The GREAT thing about knitting pint-sized projects is two-fold: I get to practice different knitting techniques without getting overwhelmed and/or bored, and a baby stays warm. Win-win!

Not only did I get to see a 3-week old baby, but I was just in time to see a baby goat burst forth into the world. Randi and Eric's neighbors have 3 goats. This is one of them... Rose?

They had a handsome billy goat come and impregnate their ladies this past summer (fall?). When I went out to take a peek at the first set of kids to be born (two days earlier), Brian and Terry were in the barn tending to Calypso, who was in labor. I took some photos of the birth, but they were a special combination of blurry/graphic that I didn't think fit the tone of the blog. I can say that after the placenta was cleaned off of the little guy, he was pretty cute!


Kathleen said...

You are incredible. Owls and a pun to boot! Amazing. I love you.

Randi said...

Wow. You really gleaned a lot from your trip to Echo Hollow...however, you forgot to mention that Beck LOVES his Godmother and thinks she's the bee's knees. We think he'll be the most handsome sweater-vest wearing guy in the whole state of Oregon!