Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day Four- Fantastic.

It probably doesn't hurt that the weather is effing Amazing right now. Yesterday afternoon I got home and immediately headed back out for a run on Mt. Tabor. Two laps around the lower reservoir.

On running: It is something that I have always wanted to enjoy. It usually ended up feeling tedious, not to mention quite painful. However, since my knee injury I've been looking for ways to keep in shape that isn't roller skating...
I also have this problem that is me being in competition with myself- so even if I start out at a nice leisurely pace, I will end up going harder and faster than I really should be.
But last night- It was great. I took it easy (I wasn't sure if my diet as of recently would affect my energy levels- it did a bit). It was great.

I came home and took an Epsom salt bath, which made my whole body heavy. I could have gone to sleep then, but I had to eat dinner.

I did end up getting an excellent nights' sleep, and this day is even more bright and sunny than yesterday.

I also don't feel as hungry as I have been. However, this evening poses a new challenge- going to a bar and Not Drinking. I feel confident, though. I've got a teammate to back me up, to be held accountable to. It also turns out that I have a pretty amazing will power. I think that I am usually just lazy and choose not to use it. I haven't really felt tempted by forbidden foods, yet.

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