Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 8:

True, I've been away.

Even the best laid plans, right?

Anywho. That was the weekend. And I've noticed something- it has to do with routine.
You see, I am a sucker for a good routine. Packing lunches is SO satisfying. I know what I can eat, when I can eat in portioned amounts, no less. It's great, and it lets me stay organized- because something I enjoy just a little bit more than a good routine, is staying organized.

This weekend had its challenges:

Drinking Water. Drinking water is a little bit easier to do when you are at a desk and you really don't have anything better to do than drink water. I (would like to think that I) have better things to do on the weekend than sit around and drink water. True. I had to remind myself to drink water. That's another funny thing. I drink water best out of a bottle. A cheap, plastic, small-mouthed bottle of water is what I prefer to drink out of. Don't worry, I'm not sure why myself.

Eating. Much like drinking water (see above), eating is something that I am able to somehow handle better during the week. On the weekend there is no set 'breakfast time'- which is usually at 6:35am on weekdays. Wow. Only now, writing that, does that seem ridiculously early. I have inadvertently reverted back to my days in HS, when I had to catch the bus at 7:30... Never mind, earlier than high school. You get my point. My point is that I am much more incline to graze all day than to eat at pre-determined points during the day.

That is about it. I mean, there is more variance to my weekends than just my eating habits.

On the whole: Detox is going fabulous. Salt seems to be the biggest hurdle. And bread. Other than that, my willpower of steel is going strong. It's not that I never knew I had it, it was just that I was lazy. Candy bowl in front of me, ain't no thing. You want to give me a free wine tasting, sorry, I'll just browse your shelves.

Lastly: I have lost a little bit of weight- just enough to make the classy high-waisted Italian wool skirt fit perfectly for my first day as a receptionist in the main office (though I'm still not convinced about what color it is- dark dark blue, or black).

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