Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tired fingers

Here are some knits that I've been working on. Below you will find Nic's sweater. It's more of a cardigan, really, and (when complete) will have elbow and shoulder patches, embossed lion buttons and a collar. It will be quite fancy, really. As you can see, I've finished with the back panel and am now working on the left side.
The sweater calls for 9 skeins of yarn- and at 220 yards in each skein, that's... oh... 1980 yards. or 19 football field lengths or 1.12 miles. I haven't calculated the rate at which I knit, but when I do I'll let you know. Let's just say it will take me a bit- though with a couple of long travel days (to Ohio and back) I just might get a lot done.

I think I am becoming a real knitter due to the fact that I finally was able to start (and finish) something else. Just like there are process knitters and project knitters, so too are there knitters who have 18 1/2 finished projects and those who knit just one project at a time. Well, the time has come that I have forayed into the former category. While knitting a sweater is quite relaxing and challenging at the same time, it is a lot of the same- same color, same stitch, same yarn and so there comes a point when you'd like to see faster results and, you know, shake things up a bit.

This is actually a little gift, and as such I have not revealed the true nature of the object. I will say that it took a weekend and was a lot of fun (cables!!!). It also included my first buttonhole!

Save travels to everyone who is venturing out during this second half of December.


jtaco said...

Sarah, you are so amazing! Way to go on your projects. Love seeing the pictures of what you're working on :) Safe travels!

mum said...

Recipent of gift was wearing it today! It looks just as beautiful as the picture showed, and she LOVES it!