Monday, December 7, 2009

How cold?

Happened a few weeks ago, but it is a visual representation of how cold it is outside right now. Today, when I left work, it was -8 degrees Fahrenheit. I need to re-type that in case you thought there was a typo: Negative. Eight. Degrees. Fahrenheit. It is supposed to get into the -20 somethings before tomorrow.

This is easily the coldest temperatures I have ever personally felt. Aside from my nose hairs freezing and experiencing a whole new sensation regarding breathing with frozen nose hairs and also coughing about 4 times whenever I step foot outside and being very cautious when walking outside (which may be remedied by a recent purchase of some yaktrax!), it's not all bad. I stay inside, and make sure that if the car is going anywhere to warm it up for at least 8 minutes beforehand.

Aside from the snow and wind, it's been dry and sunny and you certainly won't hear me complaining about the rain.


SBrin said...

OMG, it's that cold here, too!!! I wish we had that much snow, though. No fair. I'll be skiing in in February when I'm in Big Sky. Can't wait to see you again!

jtaco said...

I remember that cold weather when we lived in MN, yikes! It's pretty rough, isn't it? We tend to get more snow here in MI because of the lakes, but this year we haven't gotten much. Love my fireplace :)