Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Domestic Life

Oh dear, it has been a while, hasn't it?

Rest assured I've got some things cooking, as well as some things that have been cooked.

I have been crafting like a madwoman. To the extent that I recently described myself to my mother as 'a domestic goddess'. I know, right? To make matters worse, I made several purchases at an estate sale recently that are will only further enable my domestic tendencies- a set of vintage cake decoration frosting tips and two beautiful casserole dish's- one made in Finland of ceramic and the other a gorgeous cast iron from Belgium. I've already decorated a cake for my co-workers (that was filled with home-made Meyer Lemon curd), and have created an uber-comforting casserole that I like to think would make the Midwesterners proud (my boyfriend was very impressed, and I count him among those ranks).

Besides those purchases, I have finished my first quilt, and have gifted it to my good friend Randi, who is about to pop with her first baby.

Also (I know, there's more!) I finished knitting an alpaca cowl (aka, peacock neck warmer). It is currently being blocked, but I will be featuring it soon, on my neck and on this site.

It's a brief update, I know... As there is not internet worthy of posting these days from my apartment, I shall do my best to keep up with these things from work or an internet-friendly location.

I'll also try to post photos soon (of quilt, cowl, casseroles & cake decoration thing).

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