Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life Goals- #1

Here's hoping that my co-workers never find this blog.

To my credit- I have asked people for things to do, and while I'm sure they are working on getting said things, there is nothing for me to do in the meantime. Seriously.

And so I sat at my desk, pondering my list of life goals.

This summer I took Nic on one of the best dates ever- a trip to the Oregon State Fair to see Garrison Keillor and a Prairie Home Companion Rhubarb Tour.

Being a naturalized Oregonian, one would think that I would have experienced the joys of the State Fair. One would be wrong. I was a regular at the Douglas County Fair for many years- hanging out with friends who did 4-H, eating cotton candy, going on vomit-inducing rides and gawking at the crafts that (presumably) old ladies spent their time creating.

The fair entry that fascinated me as a child and re-captured my attention at the State Fair is the art of Table Setting.

For those of you who are unaware of the age-old art of Table setting, let me enlighten you- well... it's actually pretty self-explanatory. You get points for setting a table in accordance to Emily Post, but the real exciting part is that you get style points for centerpiece and table cloth. To read about the rules and regulations of Oregon State Fair Table Setting, go here.

This summer 'Win a blue ribbon for my table setting entry at a county fair' went on my list of life goals. Truth be told, I'd really like to win at the state fair level, but don't want to set the bar too high.

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