Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Update. Announcement.

Well. There's a bit to catch up on- first the not great news:

When the previous owner of my car said that it had a 'little oil leak', what he really should have said was that 'this car leaks oil like a sive!' Alas. Lesson learned, more money spent.

Also, I've been dealing with a bit of dispair lately, by lately I mean in the past 3 days, and by dispair I mean the post-vacation blues.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I am not notable for taking photos, and you might say that I am not so great at taking photos- and when I do, it's usually of bicycles, which is the only photo that I got this weekend. I could have taken a photo of my beatuifuly pregnant friend, her handsome dog and husband. I could have taken a photo of the wild turkeys that came to visit (in irony) on Thanksgiving morning. I could have taken a photo of the top of a hill (mountain?) overlooking the Umpqua valley with little old Elkton nestled below. I could have taken a photo of the elk that my Step-mother's nephew shot and her brother in law gutted.

In retrospect (and at times during these occasions), I had a great deal of photo-opportunites that I could very well have taken advantage of. Alas.

Also, now that the parents know, and have been very supportive, I feel free to announce to the blogosphere that I am moving to Bozeman (yep, that's in Montana) next summer with my handsome boyfriend. I've been spending a decent amount of time learning about the importance (and benefits) of outerware that is NOT waterproof. As an Oregonian, I never thought of purchasing a rain jacket that was not waterproof. Turns out that in climates that are dry and snowy, you don't get soaked, and so can run around in such luxeries as goose down. It is all very exciting, and yet far enough away that I think I am kidding myself sometimes. However, along with a move I plan on doing some re-evaluating of what I want out of life, and have been looking (half-heartedly) into such professions as teacher, wood-worker and firewoman. It turns out that a desk job is for suckers, which is a title that I want to fully avoid- especiall after experiencing it.

However, please do not tell my employer, as I am being officially hired at the beginning of the year- no more of this 'independant contractor' mumbo jumbo- bring on the health insurance and the vacation pay (okay, there are certainly benefits of a desk job)!

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SBrin said...

Yeah Montana! I think you should be a firewoman. Desk jobs are for suckers. And when are we going to see a PDX snow post around here, hmmm?
Love you!