Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I bought a car!

This is a big deal. This is a really big deal.

I've not owned a car since the summer before I left for college... that's 6 years (!!). I told this to the man I bought my sporty little Subaru from and he then asked me if I even had a drivers licence, I suppose it is sort of anomalous for someone to not own a car for that period of time (is it?). Truth be told, I'm actually a really good driver, and have been quasi-consistently been driving throughout those 6 years of non-ownership.

I've gone through periods of moral superiority from not being a car owner (which went along well with being a self-righteous bike rider), I've also gone through periods of despair and wanderlust because I did not own a car and my options for getting out of the city were limited. Last year, when a friend let me use her extra car (she had to keep it insured due to some weird insurance payment plan- convenient for me!), I was finally able to take advantage of getting out of town, exploring the great NW and yes, being very lazy at times.

I guess it's the 'becoming an adult' thing. You get a job that has a decent commute. It's a job where you're not slinging food or temping downtown- both of which were easily accessible bike rides. Nope, this one is out in the 'burbs, and since it pays better than any job you have ever had you decide that you should also get a car, because you can afford it, and it would make transporting oneself there infinitly quicker and easier, or at least that is how you rationalize it.

Rationalizing is a tricky, tricky thing. If you're good you can rationalize anything. I'm trying to not let the carbon-emmission and killing-our-planet thing get me down. The car gets pretty good gas mileage... I do plenty of other things that offset my carbon footprint... oh hell- the car is sporty and fun to drive.

Anyway, proud, carbon-emiting car owners, I have joined your ranks. And I'm happy about that. Thrilled even.

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