Sunday, August 23, 2009

week + end

A few highlights from this past week, and a few from this weekend.

here's one of Montana's many mountains. The Gallatin National Forest is only 15 minutes from town- a proximity that amazes me.

Here's a picnic lunch from yesterday. I was too pleased with myself when I figured out that I could put two sandwiches and two ciders in one convenient 6-pack. I highly recommend it for a picnic on the go.

The Suby is sporting Montana plates now. Montana has about 100 different plates that you can choose from, which seems slightly excessive. I chose the standard plates. I think they are classy.

A tomato, sausage, pesto pizza from earlier this week. Since I'm spoiled and live close enough to go home for lunch every day I mixed up some dough at lunch and it was ready to go by the time I got home.


jtaco said...

Sarah, what's your recipe for pizza dough? Do you have a certain way you cook your pizza. It looks awesome!

mum said...

Sarah, Gallatin National Forest is one of our favorite, we have a BLM map which has taken us to some amazing places.
Hornsby favorite!!