Thursday, July 16, 2009

Observations about Montana.

Montana has wheat fields.

Montana has moose (though this photo was taken in Wyoming in the Bighorn Mountains).

Montana has Icelandic sheep (still somewhat goat-like and don't herd).

Montana has strange and beautiful wildflowers (photo also taken in Wyoming- this statement is more of an assumption).

Montana has many (lots of) mountain ranges.

I have learned several of these ranges in my drives from Park City to Bozeman: The Crazy Mountains, The Beartooth mountains, The Absoarka Mountains. It is strange to me that the Rocky Mountains are so huge and vast that smaller ranges have their own names. In Oregon, The Coast Range, and The Cascades are the name of the mountains that run from The Independent State of Jefferson past the Columbia River.

Montana also has crazy weather.

It's a good thing that the sky here is so huge and that you can see these behemoth storms coming your way. They violently drop rain (or hail) a tablespoon at a time and then move on in a matter of minutes- much unlike the blanket of gray and day-long drizzle in Oregon.

I believe that geography and weather in Montana are generally much more dramatic.

I believe that Montana is beautiful.

So ends my initial Montana observations.

A quick self-update for those who are curious: An apartment has been found- a darling basement apartment (amazingly well-lit). However, we cannot move in until August first. I was sworn in as a federal employee (volunteer) yesterday by the Lutinenant Govenor of Montana. Guess who starts her job on Monday? Good thing Craigslist works in Montana too (even though there is only one site for all of Montana to post things), and I will be housesitting for strangers until August. Things are working out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

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