Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally- Socks!

The socks that should have taken a month... took 6.
Nic's mother is quite the fiber enthusiast, she spins, weaves, knits and felts. I had not been in Montana for a week this time around when she got me started on a lace shawl (pics to come once I have made a little more progress).

Last summer when I visited she talked me into me to quit knitting scarves and try following a pattern. Since then I have attempted a pair of socks, at last deciding I didn't like the yarn I was knitting with, and decided that if it's not wool, I should probably not be using it.

Anyway, these socks have been a long time coming. I have yet been able to have more than one knitting project at one time- a good thing because it prevents me from making yarn purchases that I don't otherwise have a plan for. It is a bad thing because, as this sock debacle is an illustration of- I can get tired of knitting one project and put it down for 4 months.

Let's hope that I can knit some mittens by the time winter arrives, otherwise, it won't make much sense to have a finished pair next summer. Now that I remember how great it feels to finish things, I hope I can turn out several more knitted goods by the end of the year.

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jtaco said...

You've got a serious talent!!! I can hardly sew a button on a shirt! :) I was showing some of your pictures to Brian and he said your mom was also very good at that kind of stuff. As your dad and Brian say, "the genes are in their place" :) Hope you settle into Montana easily. Love the pictures on the post following this one!