Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Different Wagons (lots of parentheses).

In the past year I have decided I liked sewing and knitting. Within these two crafts, I would solidly classify myself in the 'beginner' category, but would probably like to think of myself as an 'advanced beginner,' as I have committed a good amount of time and resources into improving my skills in both genres.

I think it is a common occurrence to like two things equally (both have unique merits and challenges), but be able to give equal attention to those two things. I find it very difficult to pick up a knitting project when I have yet to finish a sewing project, and vice versa. I have been neglecting a pair of socks I started way back in January due to a run of sewing projects.

It's not that I've run out of sewing projects, quite the contrary, but I've got some big knitting plans (in size and scope), and I just need to finish this sock before I will allow myself to begin. I'd like to have two (or more) projects going at once, but I am bad at building up my yarn stash (stashing is a thing that knitters do, so I'm told). I like to purchase with a purpose... maybe I'm just really good a self control (really?). It might also have something to do with wanting to knit a sweater next... making my next yarn purchase a bit of a spendy one.

However, Since I am moving early next month (!!!), and am also planning on being somewhat homeless for a spell (read: camping a lot), I think now is a good time to trade sewing (a hobby that requires electricity, space, a table) for knitting (you can do it anywhere!).
But first I have to finish these damn socks!

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