Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Sense of Accomplishment

I had a thought about a month ago, that I had not had a quarter-life crisis in some time. It could be because I've been busy with life and work (I mean this full-time volunteer thing that I do), or that I haven't had time to question the path my life is headed in. It also might have something to do with the fact that we have a 2 year lease on our apartment and I have a year contract with AmeriCorps. I don't know exactly why I'm less restless than even a year ago, but it may have something to do with time-intensive projects. If you're at all familiar with my penchant for projects, then read ahead, I've just finished a big one.

I've been spending an inordinate amount of time knitting in the past few months- which might also be blamed for my lack of presence here, in the inter-world. I've been quite focused on this project- a cardigan, 'Jarrett' by Kim Hargraves. This cardigan has been able to keep my interest throughout these three months (almost to the day) I've spent on it. Some motivating factors that have helped guide me to completion have included- the countdown to less frigid months (which would prevent the recipient from being able to wear it until next winter) and the lack of daylight hours (which gave me less time to spend outside and therefore more time to spend inside, on the couch, with my knitting). One great thing about knitting is that it is quite portable and can be done while enjoying a movie or podcast if you are comfortable with multitasking.

This being my first knitted garment, I am pleased as punch with how it turned out. The most important part in the completion of this project is that it fits! I gave myself bonus points for it fitting well and looking good. Only after I began knitting the sweater I began reading and paying attention to knitting horror stories- stories that do not appeal to non-knitters, and are about knitting in the wrong gauge (which I thoroughly checked but began to doubt myself), and knitting two right sides instead of a right and a left side. Luckily (or because I was extra careful), the sweater was completed without major incident.

Nic should be credited for picking out the color of the yarn (lichen) as well as the buttons (which were purchased at Bolt in Portland). Nic's mother, Becky, should be credited with helping me out with the final seaming, washing and blocking as well as encouragement and support throughout the process.

I, however, am going to take all of the credit for knitting.


Kimberly Brumble said...

Dude- that is a hot sweater and Nick looks swanky! Well done!

Joan said...

It's a work of art! Very nice!

jtaco said...

amazing! What talent Sarah! If only I didn't have 4 kids running around and I was trying to school them maybe I could take on some "craftiness" like you :) Way to go!!!! totally impressed!!!

The Young Farmers said...

You did it! It looks more beautiful than I had even imagined it would. Nic looks very handsome in your beautifully knitted sweater. I am so impressed with your skills!