Friday, October 31, 2008

Goose tastes like goose.

We ate the bird last night. There were only a few feathers still on the carcass. We had some of our favorite people over to help us with the feast. It was also a good excuse to get fancy.
I went to see the cheese monger, because I thought that eating something as fancy as a goose deserved fancy accompaniments like cheese and figs- which I usually don't buy, because I see paying $5 for a basket of 7ish fruits as somewhat frivolous. It's not, if you're being generous with your food and feeding some of your favorite people, at least that's how I rationalized it to myself. The cheese monger was very excited about our goose. He was also real friendly. I'd heard great things about Steve's Cheese, and am somewhat sorry that I hadn't visited sooner.

Nic spent the day prepping, cleaning and cooking. I really like the idea of having a house boyfriend, and only get envious when he sends me photos like this:

Notice the glass of wine. He sent these photos at 3pm. I could have really gone for a glass of wine at 3pm yesterday...

I don't think I'd mind all that much playing the role of the house girlfriend... but we like to shake up tradition (or whatever you want to call it) here and there.

Anyway. When I got home the apartment smelled divine and Nic was just hanging up the 4-point deer rack that I scored last weekend. Now we have a 'rack wall' complete with coat rack, bike rack, and deer rack. What other kinds of racks can we fit on the wall. Maybe I'll take to calling our bookshelf a book rack.

The meal itself was wonderful. The menu went something like this:

Appetizers: Bread with olive oil and parmasean cheese
Fresh toasted pumpkin seeds and Oregon hazelnuts

Main Course: Mixed greens with parmasean, candied hazelnuts, Pear and red onion with a balsamic vinigarette
Herbed mashed potatoes with goose gravy
Pumpkin, leek, hazelnut and chevre gratin
Brined Goose, roasted in its own juices with olive oil, butter and stuffed with local heirloom carrots, dried cherries and apples.

Desset: Brown Turkish Figs paired with Spanish Bleu Cheese drizzled with Honey
Apple pie (1/2 lattice) with fresh whipped cream

Bon Apetit!

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