Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Beginings.

A reassessment of what blogging not only has the potential to mean to me, but the people who just seem to keep leaving this state and becoming more difficult to keep in touch with. I propose this as an open letter to friends, family and everyone on the spectrum in between.

I am (recently) constantly reminded of just how good I have it. I not only live in a beautiful house in a really great part of a pretty rad city, but I live there with amazing and beautiful women. I have a wonderful boyfriend who, conveniently, lives 2 doors down. I have family who I am trying to be more in communication with, because after people raise you, I feel that I owe them more than a phone call every other week. I have my health and my sanity. I am very fortunate to have really, really great friends.

Last summer our house was the home base for many fabulously raucous, festive and fun parties. In looking forward to this summer, I have noticed that many of our 'old standbys' have pack up and jumped ship to new adventures, greener pastures and exciting endeavors. While my phone list of 'people to call' for dinner party invites has shrunk, I sometimes forget that my social network has not shrunk in size, it has simply increased in area. So.

In case anyone ever wonders what I'm up to, I shall try to keep up with my adventures, which shall soon include the mysteries and wonder of Beaverton.


I quit. I quit my job. 1.5 years is an eternity as far as employment goes when you're me, and don't want anything tying you down, especially not some lousy job that you're too smart for- but that's the majority of jobs you get when you're in your twenties, right?

I will disclose more about my job description when I find out more myself, but as it stands, I'm pretty focused on my impromptu vacation. Being unemployeed can be enjoyable... for about a week. Then the stress of finding a source of stable income really sets in. However, jumping from job to job without taking even a little time for relaxation and reflection is also pretty silly. I was under the impression that I was in the latter group... Until I read my contract.

A whole week to myself! Stress-free! I'll sleep in and maybe even lounge around and read. Who knows?! After that I shall work for two days, and then fly to Montana for 5 days!

I think June is shaping up to be a really good month.

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